BRABUS VIP Business Lounge for Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with exclusive multimedia equipment

BRABUS has been engaged in the development of innovative, functional and stylishly integrated business systems on wheels for more than three decades. With the BRABUS VIP Business Lounge based on the current Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, BRABUS adds another exclusive vehicle modification to the wide range of BRABUS cars.

The unique van, which also receives an attractive exterior upgrade, comes with a BRABUS fine leather rear compartment featuring four business seats an additional third row of seats. The innovative communications concept of the vehicle integrates the passengers’ notebook or tablet computers into the media center of the vehicle, independently of the technical platform.



BRABUS VIP Business Lounge for Sprinter

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Individual BRABUS Luxury Business Interior

feat. reclinable BRABUS VIP Business Seats

The multimedia bulkhead separates the rear business lounge from the driver’s cab. Our interior designers installed four BRABUS VIP business seats custom-developed for this vehicle in a conference arrangement in the rear compartment that offers enough headroom for people to be able to stand upright.

The luxury seats offer maximum comfort and are designed to be reclined all the way to sleeping position. Furthermore, all four seats offer additional features such as lumbar support, a massage function, heating and ventilation as well as a host of power-adjustment options with memory settings for three different positions.


The seats were upholstered in the company's upholstery shop with a modern combination of especially soft yet durable snow-white and black Mastik leather in the style of an exclusive BRABUS fine leather interior. The side panels are made from a combination of Alcantara and high-gloss white surfaces. In addition, wood or carbon inlays are optionally available. The flooring is also made from the finest leather and sports the same quilting pattern as the seats.

In order to ensure a comfortable and draft-free ride for the car occupants under all climatic conditions, BRABUS developed a special climate control system in cooperation with German OEM Eberspächer that is tailored specifically to the spacious rear compartment of the Sprinter. The system has a heating output of 10 kW and a cooling output of 13 kW. The integration into the Sprinter is visually and acoustically discreet and meets even the most demanding standards of the various climate zones of the world where BRABUS automobiles are sold.

Dark-tinted glazing and eight power-operated curtains on the side and rear windows ensure the desired privacy. Three power-retractable tables can be used for a variety of purposes. Other comfort features include a refrigerator and a coffee machine, both housed in a center console between the business seats. Eight USB 3.0 ports and three 220-volt outlets for powering the passengers’ notebooks, tablets and smartphones are located within easy reach. Six dimmable reading lights provide perfect lighting for reading files, books or magazines on all seats.


Seamingly Endless Individualization Possibilities

Configuring a personalized car offers many possibilities. The most colourful of them – literally – is the interior design. Choosing only the best available materials such as the finest Mastik leather, high-quality Alcantara and the best threads is merely the first step. Just as important is the attention to detail that gives a BRABUS leather interior the finishing touch. Are you looking for a special leather color? From classic to extravagant - the BRABUS selection covers a variety of colours and allows even special requests such as a leather color perfectly matching the partner's lipstick.

Enjoy World-Class Entertainment & Connectivity


At the heart of the versatile vehicle is the innovative BRABUS Media Center, a groundbreaking concept that allows the integration of a wide variety of devices into the on-board network, regardless of what current operating system they are using. To this end, a powerful host PC is installed in the vehicle, hidden from view.

It is irrelevant whether a passenger wants to use an Apple iPad, an Android cell phone or a Windows notebook while on board as the BRABUS Media Center incorporates any of these devices and allows everyone on board to work in a relaxed atmosphere or enjoy exciting entertainment as they please. All a user needs to do is to touch the symbol of the appropriate operating system on the BRABUS Media Center and the device is wirelessly connected to the on-board network. Subsequently, all contents and programs are available via the powerful on-board computer and a wireless mouse and keyboard at each seat. 

The contents are displayed on the giant 42-inch Full HD LCD screen integrated into the bulkhead behind the driver’s cab. For passengers seated in the two rear-facing seats there is a 10-inch display integrated into the center console between these two seats.

Regardless of where they are seated, passengers have access to mobile high-speed Internet via LTE for surfing or receiving and sending e-mail. They can also access entertainment content such as movies, music or photos from the hard drive, Blu-ray player or PlayStation 4 game console, or can watch live HDTV via DVB-T or Apple TV. If desired, a four-channel surround view camera can show the vehicle surroundings, and cell phone multimedia content can be mirrored on the 42-inch screen via Miracast.

The sound is reproduced with superb brilliance by a surround sound system with an output of 1,200 watts and loudspeakers tailored specifically to the van’s interior.


The BRABUS media center with 10 inch touch-display in the center console is designed to navigate the operation of the 42 inch monitor in separation wall, the ambient lighting and multimedia ceiling element, the 360 degree camera, the Sony Playstation 4, DVB-T, Internet, Apple TV and Miracast.



The BRABUS Touch Control Panel

The entire electrical system of the BRABUS Business Lounge interior is controlled via CAN bus. All commands are entered on a newly developed “BRABUS Touch Control Panel” and send to the particular components.


Intergated ports for 220 volts regular charging, 5 volts USB-charging ports and connections for headphones.



A modern evolution of the starry sky creates a very special atmosphere in the passenger compartment. The BRABUS electronics specialists integrated six 21-inch screens into the headliner. They display 16 different animations from azure skies with floating white clouds or starry night sky to magnificent fireworks. Alternatively, ambient lighting with various adjustable settings ensures the well-being of the passengers.

A full hd camera, mounted on top of the vehicle, mirrors the sky to the multimedia screens and simulates a panoramic roof for the passengers.

Enjoy World-Class Hospitality

The BRABUS Hospitality Packages

Comfort features include a refrigerator and a coffee machine, both housed in a center console between the business seats.

Additionally, thermoelectrical cupholders are installed for cooling or heating your drinks.


Safe Package

The Safe Package comes with a built in safe to secure your personal belongings.

It is located in a side storage hidden from view and can be accessed by an individual security code.

BRABUS VIP Business Lounge Exterior Design

The BRABUS VIP Business Lounge Exterior Design

The exterior of the BRABUS VIP Business Lounge also stands out from the crowd. The BRABUS designers have developed a new front bumper with sporty-dynamic design and integrated LED daytime running lights to give the Sprinter a striking facelift.

The BRABUS Entry Assist Package gives the passengers easy access to the luxury compartment by electrically step treads for the sliding door and the rear door. BRABUS wheel covers complement the exterior upgrade of the BRABUS VIP Business Lounge.



Driver's Cabin VIP Interior

Each corner of the driver's cabin is refined with the finest BRABUS Mastik leather.

The driver's VIP interior is completed by BRABUS aluminum sports pedals, door lock pins and floor mats in individual design and stitching.


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